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Mark Kelly has taught us a lot about gun control

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I'm recovering from the flu (groan) and was out of pocket yesterday, but I returned to work this morning to find this story and instantly felt better:

An Arizona gun store has cancelled a purchase made by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffordss husband Mark Kelly. On March 5th, Kelly visited Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson, selected an AR-15 style rifle, a .45 caliber handgun, and some high capacity magazines, completed a background check and paid for his purchases.

Within days, the story of the broke nationally and Kelly claimed that his purchases were made to highlight how easy it is to get a gun. He also added that he intended to turn the AR-15 into the Tucson Police. ...

Going back now and watching Kelly talk about how "easy" it was for him to purchase an AR-15 makes today's news even sweeter:

Apparently getting one's hands on an AR-15 weapon isn't so easy after all.  Thanks for that effectual demonstration, Captain.

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