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There Is Something Very Strange About This Fisherman's Bass Catch


"I’ve seen bass eat some crazy things... but this one has to take the cake."

A fisherman seemingly made a unexpected, crazy double catch while fishing at Lake Austin, presumably in Texas.

In a video posted on the Field & Stream website by blogger Tim Romano, an unnamed man spots two keeper-size largemouth bass in the lake. So, what's weird about this story? One of the bass had actually half-swallowed the other one, even though it was nearly the same size.


Highly amused, the angler pulled the bass out of the water and into his boat, gently separated the two and let them swim away. The video was uploaded on YouTube on March 21 and has nearly 3,000 views.

“That’s why I had to share this video one of my friends sent me the other day. I’ve seen bass eat some crazy things, like birds, snakes, obviously other fish … but this one has to take the cake," Romano wrote.

Some YouTube commenters have suggested that the fisherman may have intentionally put one of the bass in the other one's mouth in order to make a really cool video. But we'd like to believe this cool thing happened naturally.

Watch the video below:


(H/T: GrindTV)

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