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Glenn Beck: 'If You Have Ears to Hear and Eyes to See, Look Into Transformational Education


"They are airing an announcement that your kids do not belong to you."

As more information comes to light about the controversial public school curriculum systems, CSCOPE and Common Core Standards, parents are concerned that their children are growing increasingly susceptible to the influence of bureaucrats seeking to push a political agenda.

As government seeks to expand its reach and some would argue control over America's youth, some believe that the only way to ensure freedom and autonomy is to step-up conservative ideals of personal responsibility.

On Monday, Glenn Beck dedicated his evening broadcast to discussing these very ideals and how best to identify freedoms that Americans have lost, or are at risk of losing. The segment was catalyzed by a recent statement made by MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry in which she said, "your kids belong to all of us."

"They knew full well what they were airing," Beck said of NBC. "They are airing an announcement that your kids do not belong to you."

Beck encouraged viewers to learn more about "transformational education," which he called the "lifeblood" of Common Core. "If you have ears to hear and eyes to see, look into transformational education," he added.

To help delve into the matter in greater detail, were special guests Jeff Frazee, President of Young Americans for Liberty, writer James Antle, Alex Smith of the College Republican National Committee, and Jonathan Bydlak of the Coalition to Reduce Spending.

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