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Activist Actually Gets People to Sign Fake Petition Calling for Full Repeal of Second Amendment and Door-to-Door Gun Confiscation


"We're just gonna repeal the Second Amendment and take the guns away form the crazy right-wing, white extremists."


Editor's note: For a more complete understanding of Mark Dice's controversial past and tactics, so our follow up story and discussion.


Have you ever wondered how many average Americans would actually sign a petition calling for a full repeal of the Second Amendment and door-to-door gun confiscation?

Well, you're in luck. Mark Dice, a political activist, recently took to the streets to see how many people he could get to sign such a petition. Surprisingly, more than a few provided their signature to the cause.

"We're just gonna repeal the Second Amendment and take the guns away form the crazy right-wing, white extremists," Dice tells a man as he's signing the petition. "And just make sure that only the illegal unregistered guns stay on the street."

He tells another man that by repealing the Second Amendment, the country can have a "door-to-door gun confiscation against the white people, the right-wing extremists." The man, who is holding a baby, replies "OK."

"We'll be much safer that way," Dice says.

"Got you," he replies. "I'm with that, man."




There were some people though who didn't think repealing the Second Amendment and confiscating Americans' firearms were such good ideas.

One man said he just didn't "feel like signing it" and kept walking.

"No, I don't want to sign it," another woman says.

Watch the video below:

Now, it should be noted that some of the people who signed the petition could likely have just been trying to get the petitioner to go away and/or weren't really paying attention to what they were signing. And we're not completely privy to how Dice pitched the idea to every person (Did he water it down before going all out only while people were signing?).

Still, the video does seem to offer at least a lighthearted lesson: Always know what you are signing before you sign it -- and pay careful attention the whole time.


(H/T: Weasel Zippers)

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