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What a Dentist Allegedly Did to This Man's Teeth Will Likely Leave You Speechless: 'I Am Going to Look Like a Freak Now


"They pulled every last one of them."

For some, dental offices are horrifying locations that do little more than raise their blood pressure when they find themselves in need of a cleaning, fillings and other related work. If you're among those who feel this way, the story you're about to read will likely reinforce your fears and give you very little solace.

In what can only be described as a terrifying and bizarre incident, a 21-year-old Indiana man named Christopher Crist is claiming that he headed to the dentist to have just three teeth pulled. But when he left Amazing Family Dental in Indianapolis, he was in for a shocking surprise: All of his teeth had been yanked.

Crist, who is autistic, claims that he was given pain medication and then each and every tooth was taken out of his mouth. His mother had apparently instructed him to tell the doctor only to pull three teeth and, as the Huffington Post notes, it's unclear where lines of messaging were crossed.

"They pulled every last one of them," he told WXIN-TV. "I am going to look like a freak now."

The dentist, who has reportedly refused to tell his side of the story, allegedly removed 29 of Crist's teeth. And it seems one witness at the office on the day of the mass pulling is backing up at least a portion of the young man's story.

Sheena Cortez who was in the exam room right next to Crist at Amazing Family Dental said his experience was stirring.

"I have never seen a dentist, pull every one of someone’s teeth out like that," she told WXIN-TV. "It looked scary."

Reports of other incidents similar to Crist's have leaked out following media coverage of his dental plight. One news report, in fact, claims that, in a separate incident, the same dentist pulled 32 teeth from one little boy's mouth.

Crist ended up being hospitalized, as he was battling an infection from the dental-procedure-gone-wrong. He and his mother are potentially planning to take legal action against the dentist following the terrifying incident.

The doctor's name has not yet been given.

(H/T: Huffington Post)


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