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Dick Morris wonders if Obama is getting 'revenge' on '1 percent' for not voting for him


Regarding the furlough of the some 13,000 air-traffic controllers caused by sequestration, former Fox News contributor and political strategist Dick Morris has a theory: President Obama is doing this on purpose to piss off the 1-percenters.

Morris writes in The Hill:

The resulting air delays will impede commerce and inconvenience millions of people.

Is this happenstance? Or is the president deliberately targeting the movers and shakers of our economy for delays and hardship? Is this his revenge against the 1 percent that denied him their votes and support in 2012? Is he inwardly relishing their torment as the just reward for insisting on cuts in federal spending in the first place?

Is this Obama's revenge?

Normally, revenge is enacted when one has lost something. Morris is essentially arguing Obama is bitter about the results of the last election, which Obama won.


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