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Is This the Man 'Too Sexy' For Saudi Arabia?


An actor, model, poet...

Omar Borkan al Gala: Photo source: Facebook

What Friday would be complete without a spot of comic relief straight from the halls of Saudi Arabia's authority for the protection of virtue and prevention of vices?

Last week, TheBlaze reported that Saudi religious police stormed a recent cultural festival in the capital city of Riyadh to apprehend and deport a male guest from the neighboring UAE deemed "too sexy" and "irresistible." The oddity, however, is that men and women are not allowed to intermingle in Saudi society, raising the questions: Just who, exactly, were the police afraid would find the young man so desirable; and just how handsome is he?

Reports across the Internet are now indicating that the identity of the mystery man could be Omar Borkan al Gala -- poet, model, actor. Judging by the following video collage and photo, if true it seems clear why the religious police may have decided to crack down on the "too sexy" man:

Omar Borkan al Gala: Photo source: Facebook

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