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EU Backs Off Banning Little Bowls of Olive Oil at Restaraunt Tables


“Too bizarre for words and incomprehensible...at a time like this.”

(Photo: Shutterstock/Angel Simon)

(Photo: Shutterstock/Angel Simon)

Yesterday, TheBlaze reported on one of the more bizarre regulations to come out of the European Union (EU) to date (and that's saying something).

Going a step further than even New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the EU recently decided to ban little bowls and refillable bottles of olive oil at restaurant tables. Beginning on January 1, only tamper safe, non-refillable bottles were to be allowed, and they had to be disposed of after every use.

But facing merciless criticism from international press outlets and even world leaders, the EU issued an important announcement about its recent proposal on Thursday: Uh, never mind.

The EU originally said the ruling would improve hygiene and prevent restaurants from serving low quality oil. But EU critics exploded at how out of touch authorities are with the real world, concerning themselves with olive oil (to the detriment of both the vendors and consumers), when unemployment and debt rates are skyrocketing.

“Suddenly, E.U. ministers have decided to wage a war on bad hygiene and sound traditions when many Europeans can’t afford a bar of decent soap,” Robert Bridge wrote in Russia Today.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the proposal was “too bizarre for words and incomprehensible...at a time like this,” and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said “this is exactly the sort of thing that Europe shouldn’t even be discussing."

In a speech before the European Parliament earlier this week, U.K. MEP Nigel Farage gave a scathing speech on the hypocrisy of European leaders, who he says vilify the rich while fattening their own pockets with incomparable salaries and benefits.

“[But] I’m sure the citizens of Europe will all clap and cheer loudly that the grave, mortal danger of olive oil in dipping bowls has been removed by the officials,” he added with inimitable scorn.  “Well done, everybody.”

Watch Farage's complete speech, below:

The European Commission, executive branch of the EU, announced on Thursday that it was withdrawing the proposal because not enough member nations had supported it.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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