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Loyal Obama Supporters React to Multiple White House Scandals: 'That Sounds Fine With Me


"I always assume that a president will be also be a criminal."

(Fox News)

For his latest "Watters' World" segment, Jesse Watters walked the streets of New York City and asked President Barack Obama's loyal supporters about the several scandals currently haunting the White House. Those, of course, include the IRS, AP and Benghazi scandals.

The respondents' answers, even if expected, are still incredible to hear. Some of them tell Watters they don't really see any problem with the IRS targeting conservative groups while others make excuses for the president.

"That sounds fine with me," one male Obama supporter replied after asked about the IRS going after Tea Party organizations.

(Fox News)

(Fox News)

Other Obama supporters were not even aware that the Obama administration was embroiled in multiple scandals.

"I don't think it's really like a huge scandal," another man said about the IRS scandal.

One woman gave Obama a pass on the scandals because "he seems like a good guy."

To be fair, some respondents did express some concern about the scandals. However, one particularly loyal Obama supporter speculated that Obama may have been "planning his next move" to help the economy by spying on reporters at the Associated Press.

"I always assume that a president will be also be a criminal," one woman told Watters. "There is no way to be an honest president of like a dishonest country."

Watters also asked several Obama voters about the deadly Benghazi attack. Watch the segment via Fox News below:

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