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What Are the Biggest Challenges Facing Conservative College Students Today?

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

It is a truth generally accepted that college campuses are mildly if not extremely left-leaning.  Students who arrive undecided (or even somewhat conservative) often leave as committed Democrats, berated by their peers and pressured by their professors into holding certain opinions.

On TheBlaze TV Thursday night, a group of conservative college students spoke about the challenges they've faced, and about the broader issues facing the country through their unique perspective.

Some were concerned about the IRS targeting conservative groups, wondering, if they're targeting larger organizations, what would stop them from targeting individuals?

One girl jokingly asked if the IRS is allowed to "plead the 5th," if she can as well when it comes time to pay her taxes?

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In a "question and answer" segment with Glenn Beck, one student asked Beck if he had any advice for an aspiring journalist who is conservative.

You probably couldn't have predicted Beck's response.  Find out, below:

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