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How Can Average Americans Push Back Against Government Scandals? Tea Party Leaders Have Some Advice


"I want a list of things to do."

How can average Americans stop the apparent "pattern of abuse" by an ever-expanding federal government?

Wednesday night on TheBlaze TV, FreedomWorks leaders Matt Kibbe and Adam Brandon met with Glenn Beck and Tea Party leaders Becky Gerritson, Katrina Pierson, and Jason W. Hoyt to bring their respective experiences into a strategy session about what exactly can be done.

There is arguably not a single government agency that makes taxpayers feel quite as helpless as the IRS. Couple that with a massive overreach of power at the Department of Justice with "Operation Fast and Furious" and the secret seizure of reporters' phone records, and little trust in the executive branch to sort it all out -- and where can you even begin to make your voice heard?

"I want a list of things to do, who do I have to call today, what are we doing as a group, so we know what to do." Beck summarized.  "Because if we're not all shooting at the same target, they're going to get away."

And what's most important, the group agreed, is that real change is implemented.  Enormous government agencies cannot continue targeting Americans, throwing low-level workers "under the bus" occasionally as a purported sign that they will change.

"We need to make sure that Washington reforms itself -- not just fires people -- because there's a whole bunch of other 'wannabe' bureaucratic tyrants waiting in line to take their place," Kibbe remarked.

Watch the segments on TheBlaze TV, below:

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