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Unbelievable Storm Chaser Video Takes You as Close to a Tornado as You'll Ever Want to Be


"If you don't go south, we are going to die!"



Dramatic video uploaded to YouTube on Friday and reportedly captured by a team of storm chasers in Union City, Okla., takes you extremely close to a violent tornado. For the storm chasers, it was almost too close.

Once storm chasers Brandon Sullivan and Brett Wright realize that the tornado is coming right at them, they take off in their car and attempt to outrun the twister. Video cameras in the vehicle captured their terrified expressions as they sped away.

"Hurry! 40 is not enough!" Sullivan screams.

"Are we OK?" Wright asks repeatedly in the video.

"If you don't go south, we are going to die!" Sullivan later says.

"Brett and Brandon got extremely close to a violent tornadic circulation that produced multiple tornadoes in very close range... The team was hit by inflow jet winds into the tornado and their vehicle received damage as a barn was completely destroyed," the video's description reads.

"A hay bale came barreling across the road and was tossed into their car.. The team is very fortunate to live to chase another day... Incredible storm chaser traffic prevented an escape from the tornado like normal.. There have been fatalities with this tornado.. The team's thoughts go out to those affected!"

While it's not certain when the video was really shot, there was a tornado reported in Union City on Friday.

Watch the incredible video via StormChasingVideo.com below:

The storm chasers in the video were recently on CNN talking about their exploits:

While the video appears to have been recorded during the recent breakout of tornadoes in Oklahoma either on Thursday or Friday, the authenticity of the video has not been confirmed. As with all viral videos, there are those who attempt to exploit tragic events like natural disasters. So, keep it mind there is a chance that the video -- which is also obviously edited -- could be fake.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Betsy Randolph said troopers found the bodies of a woman and an infant near their vehicle after Friday's tornado outbreak in Oklahoma. Randolph said it’s not known if the woman was driving into the storm when it hit around 7 p.m. Friday.

There were also multiple injuries reported.

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