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The Awesome Trick a Magician Pulls Off With Homeless People That Makes Them $100 Richer


"If we fist bump hard enough, the bills should switch."

Magician Stuart Edge set out with $1,000 from his own bank account and took to the streets to find people "who could use a pick me up."

But Edge wasn't about to just hand over the $100 bills. There had to be a little bit of magic first.

"We basically just drove around all day looking for people who were panhandling on the side of the road, we'd chat for a bit, if we felt like we should continue with the trick, we would, and then we'd leave them with the $100," Edge wrote in his YouTube video's description.

In the video "Money Magic Trick for the Homeless," Edge puts a $1 bill in the hands of the other person, while he himself takes the $100 folded in his palm.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Then, he explains, "there's a power in fist bumping."

"If we fist bump hard enough, the bills should switch," he said.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

And much to the delight of the people whose days he set out to make, the bills do in fact appear to switch.

"It won't become a $1 bill later?" a man equipped with a harmonica and guitar asked. When it was confirmed that it would stay $100, the erupts in a joyful smile and hugs Edge.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the video:

Edge later explained that he talked with the people he sought to perform the trick on before hand to make sure they were truly needy and that the money would be used for a good purpose.

"The people we had in the video were all very grateful for what we gave them," he wrote.

For a little behind the scene's action, check out this segment:

Unlike most magicians, Edge actually volunteers to divulge how he did this trick. But only if his current video gets enough views will he make a tell-all video showing how the bill-switching trick was performed.

This story has been updated to correct a typo. 

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