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New 'Man in the Moon' Trailer Reveals Amazing Images of Beck's Upcoming Spectacle!


Man in the Moon is just a few short weeks away...and yet only a few pieces of information about the event have been revealed.

In fact, only the storytellers at the American Dream Labs working on the show and a few members of Glenn Beck’s staff have seen any of the production elements.

Until now.

This weekend Glenn decided to release to the public a Man in the Moon trailer that had been created exclusively for a handful of movers and shakers in the film, technology, and entertainment industries who were personally invited to attend Man in the Moon.

For the last year Glenn has been working alongside a small team in Salt Lake City led by Ben McPherson, the leader of Man in the Moon's creative production. The team has pioneered several new methods of stage production in order to tell the story, including projecting video on a three-dimensional surface.

The testing of this technique can be glimpsed in the trailer at the point when the face of the moon is seen on a large white balloon while other video elements are projected on a flat screen behind the moon itself. The balloon featured in the trailer is roughly 20% of the size of the balloon that will be used during the actual performance.

It has been difficult for The American Dream Labs team to find a rehearsal venue for the show due to the sheer size of the production elements. The Salt Palace, a 10,000-seat arena, was considered for a short time, but the team ultimately decided to rehearse with smaller-scale pieces as a cost-saving measure.

"No one has seen the staging yet,and what you will see in the video is only a fraction of what will be seen at any given time," Glenn explained. "The stage itself has been completely redesigned and plays a role, as does the entire venue when the show officially launches."

The trailer hints at some of the dazzling special effects Man in the Moon will feature, but Glenn has always emphasized the importance of the story rather than empty spectacle.

“Mercury Radio Arts and the American Dream Labs and TheBlaze boil down to one thing: We're storytellers. Be it news or fiction-based-in-fact, television, film, Internet, TV or radio,” Glenn said, “I have built a company that is uniquely equipped to use the hard facts and the truths that helped build this country and tell the story of what man has done...and what [man] can yet do to become a beacon of light and hope for all the world to see.”

Some have been confused by Glenn’s moves into entertainment and culture, as they are not platforms that political commentators traditionally use. But Glenn has always maintained that he is interested in doing more than simply commenting on the news of the day; he also wants to spread a message about hope, inspiration, and the power of good that exists in mankind.

From D.C. to Israel to Dallas, Glenn's summer events have aimed to empower everyday Americans to stand up and reach their full potential—and by extension restore America as a beacon of freedom and greatness to people all over the world.

“The ballot box is the last stop. The first stop is the culture and teaching it to our kids and getting them to understand the story," Glenn said in an interview about Man in the Moon. "If you get them to understand the story, then their whole lives will be set. My job, as I see it, is to tell the story in such a way that it just sears it on their hearts.”

Glenn has always seen himself as a storyteller above all else. His first professional attempt at the craft was The Christmas Sweater stage show in 2008, when he toured the country acting out the story of the novel (by the same name) in a one-man show.

Then again it seems Glenn's always possessed the gift of storytelling, and it’s one of the reasons he has had such unique cross-platform success. Glenn says he inherited the gift from a special person in his life.

“Most of my life I didn't know what my gift was, and I certainly didn't see a purpose behind it if I did,” Glenn said. “This one I truly love. It is the gift of storyteller. And I got it from my grandfather. Heaven to me...will be sitting with my grandfather under a tree with my family and watching him weave the stories of life for all those around him to hear.”

The story behind Man in the Moon is to date mostly shrouded in mystery. Recent promos on TheBlaze have shown some pieces that didn’t make the cut—most notably the “current wars” between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. But the trailer shows that the story will span thousands of years, with biblical accounts such as Noah’s Ark and the Tower of Babel playing important roles, as well as key moments in American history such as Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Glenn also has said that World War 2 would play a prominent part as well, and production staff were known to be working with actual planes from that era as part of the early show planning.

Whatever happens on July 6, there is no doubt that Glenn and his team will once again put together a stage experience unlike anything attempted previously.

On Wednesday, Glenn travels to the American Dream Labs in Salt Lake City to begin final tweaks on film, score, and visual effects, and he will also work with the stage performers and acrobats who're part of the show. He will then head to Flying by Foy in Las Vegas, the rehearsal space of Cirque du Soleil, where they've been developing and rehearsing never-before-seen fly-by-wire segments.

Glenn said that for weeks the Man in the Moon creative team literally thought he was kidding about the acrobatic portion of the show. When they discovered he was serious, the team spent several weeks wrapping their arms around how to not only create the vision but also how to reduce the physical stress the performers' bodies would endure for an incredibly challenging eight-minute segment.

Glenn will watch the final wire rehearsal in Vegas to approve the effects and scene before everything's broken down and trucked to the show venue where they'll be constructed next weekend in preparation for five days of overnight rehearsals the week of July 4.

Stay tuned to TheBlaze and in the weeks ahead for more on Man in the Moon.

And check out the trailer:



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