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Star Witness' in Zimmerman Trial Testifies: 'That's Real Retarded, Sir


"That's real retarded to do that."

Witness Rachel Jeantel continues her testimony during George Zimmerman's trial in Seminole circuit court in Sanford, Fla. Thursday, June 27, 2013. (AP)

As the murder trial of George Zimmerman entered its fourth day on Thursday, the prosecution's "star witness" Rachel Jeantel -- the friend Trayvon Martin was talking to on the phone moments before he was killed -- dominated headlines with her testimony.

One of the more memorable moments came when Zimmerman's defense attorney asked her if Trayvon perhaps lied to her because he didn't want her to know if he decided to assault Zimmerman that night.

"That's real retarded, sir. That's real retarded to do that, sir. Why on earth-- Trayvon did not know [Zimmerman]," Jeantel replied.

Watch the video below:


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