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Horror: Russian Teens Reportedly Decapitate Homeless Man -- and Play Soccer With His Head

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There's an immensely-disturbing story coming out of Moscow, Russia, where it's being reported that two Russian teenagers beheaded a homeless man. But the story gets even more gruesome. The two also purportedly played soccer with his head -- a detail so unbelievable that it seems more fiction than fact.

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The two individuals were purportedly drunk at the time of the incident and, according to police, they used an ax, saw and knives to kill the man and to subsequently sever his head, the New York Daily News reports.

The reason? The two didn't like the way the man looked.

So far, identifying the victim has been problematic, as the head was apparently taken away by a garbage truck after the teens threw it in the trash. His body, though, was reportedly left in the middle of the street, which eventually led police to the perpetrators.

An investigation into the case is still ongoing, but authorities apparently found the teens after following a trail of blood that led from the victim's body to an apartment. It was there, the Daily News reports, that weapons were recovered.

If found guilty, the two alleged perpetrators could spend 15 years in prison. Three other individuals may have been present at the time of the murder, although they are still at large and may have only observed and not taken part in the killing.

The International Business Times claims that an investigative spokesperson has denied that the head was used as a soccer ball, as that detail is still being disputed.

(H/T: Deadspin)


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