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The Fascinating and Gross Proof of Just How Much Investigators in Those Hazmat Suits Sweat


"... three hours in a protective suit in 110 degree heat ..."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Last week, an F-16 airplane went down near Luke Air Force Base in suburban Phoenix, likely after hitting a bird shortly after takeoff, according to officials. Still, in order to rule out other causes, investigators had to head out to the scene -- and you might remember, it was in the triple digits in Arizona last week, making a hazmat suit one of the least friendly articles of clothing.

Investigators look at the debris from an F 16 that crashed at Luke Air Force Base Wednesday, June 26, 2013. An F-16 fighter jet crashed but authorities said both pilots ejected safely. (Photo: AP/The Arizona Republic, Tom Tingle)

A YouTube video shows just how hot it was for investigators, as one of the crew members begins to remove his boots afterward.  Immediately, his socks begin dripping onto the pavement. Then, he dumps out the green rubber knee-high.

A visual is best here:

hazmat suit sweat (Image: YouTube screenshot)

And the other one:

hazmat suit sweat (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch "what three hours in a protective suit in 110 degree heat will do" in this YouTube video:

The two pilots, who were practicing landings and takeoffs at the base Wednesday evening, ejected safely and the fighter crashed in a farm field near the base.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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