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Catch the Best From Beck's 'Man in the Moon' Spectacular With TheBlaze TV's Behind-the-Scenes Special


"If you can get them to understand the story, then their whole life will be set."

(Photo: TheBlaze)

TheBlaze TV aired an hour-long "behind the scenes" special from Glenn Beck's Independence Day "Man in the Moon" spectacular Friday, capturing all the excitement, anxiety, and ceaseless effort that went into making the show.

Viewers were able to get an inside look into what members of the company not directly involved with its production anticipated (everything from "the most wonderful, important story of the history of the world" to "I have absolutely no idea" and "Lots of robots...A huge screen...The moon, which is a reflection of us, which is God?"), in addition to an exclusive look into "The American Dream Labs" in Salt Lake City.

(Photo: TheBlaze/Paige Perry)

Those who were at the show, or following how it unfolded, may recall that an unexpected downpour of rain made the already monumental effort exponentially harder to pull off.

"Like a confessional cam on reality shows," Mark Mabry, who made and narrated the special said, viewers get to watch how the men and women involved pulled it all off.  Of particular importance was the aspect of faith, Beck frequently asking the audience and his co-workers to send up a prayer.

(Photo: TheBlaze/Paige Perry)

(Photo: TheBlaze/Paige Perry)

By the time the show rolled around, they had never gotten through a single dress rehearsal, the rain and violent winds (or an unexpected power outage) always forcing them to call it in early.

Beck joked that he's done a show beneath the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem that was less tense.

But he remained optimistic, explaining his goal for the show: "The first stop is the culture, in teaching it to our kids and getting them to understand the story. If you can get them to understand the story, then their whole life will be set."

(Photo: TheBlaze/Paige Perry)

Beck continued: "My job I think is to tell the story in such a way that it just sears it on their heart, and it becomes again a truth that they will find self-evident, and so when they need to go back into that well, it'll be there."

Watch a clip from the "Man in the Moon" special with Mark Mabry, below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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