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Self-Proclaimed 'Evangelical' Fashion Model to Appear on Brazilian Playboy Cover

Self-Proclaimed 'Evangelical' Fashion Model to Appear on Brazilian Playboy Cover

"I'm evangelical and use my Facebook to tell how much God was and is powerful in my life."

Aline Franzoi (Credit: Facebook)

A model who's said she's an evangelical Christian is reportedly appearing on the cover of the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine in September, the Christian Post reports, adding that she apparently won't pose nude because of her faith.

Aline Franzoi, a member of National Mission Evangelical Church in Brazil, was previously criticized for being a ring girl for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competitions, which some consider a violent sport, the CP says.

Then came word of the Playboy cover.

Aline Franzoi (Credit: Facebook)

Franzoi responded on her Facebook page to criticism she's received over her latest career move, which the CP translates from Portuguese to English:

"About the issue regarding my religion that came out in headlines saying I am 'Evangelical,' this will be the first and only time I will speak about it. I never wanted to link information about my religion and work since they are different areas," she wrote. "Journalists are the ones who link me with the title of 'Evangelical, not Aline Franzoi' but I'm sure everybody can differentiate it."

Among the Facebook comments she received over her upcoming cover:

  • Too shocked! =) Congrats
  • I really like the news ... you're beautiful, girl, more than deserved ... much success
  • What a beautiful success deserved!

Aline Franzoi (Credit: Facebook) 

More from the CP:

A Hispanic news site, Noticia Cristiana, reported that Franzoi told VIP, a Brazilian magazine, that she would not pose nude because she is evangelical. And prior to her most recent career controversy, Franzoi also told another Brazilian outlet, UOL, that she publicly displays her Christian faith in a bold manner.

"I'm evangelical and use my Facebook to tell how much God was and is powerful in my life. And, anyway, what's wrong with being ring girl? It is very concerning to know what is right and wrong, but in my view, God looks at our heart and our intention." [...]

The founder of Actors, Models and Talent for Christ, a talent agency based in Georgia, finds Franzoi's decision to appear in the men's magazine disheartening.

"Because media covers our world, today's Christian stars have an unprecedented opportunity to be positive role models. The Bible tells us to be imitators of Christ. We can't be perfect, but if we're truly following Jesus, He will perfect us," said Carey Lewis.

"I am saddened at the massive loss of innocence among our children, as well as the dramatic increase in human trafficking. Overt sexuality contributes to these tragedies. Actors, models and talent for Christ have a responsibility to set a better example," he added. [...]

"It's difficult to be a model while practicing a legalistic religion like Evangelicals do. She should either leave her religion or leave her career," commented Artemio Degas, a reader on Noticia Cristiana.

"God does see your heart, he sees that it's perverted," added another reader, Eliseo Flamenco.

Of possible interest is a video on YouTube featuring a series of still photos of Fraznoi, some of which are quite revealing though not nude, which could serve to illustrate what she considers acceptable.

Although a WikiHow page on adapting to Brazilian culture notes:

Don´t treat Brazilian women as loose, or you may be arrested for sexual harassment. The majority of Brazilians are Catholic, and they tend to be conservative regarding their sexual and moral values, although they may use few clothes because of the hot weather and also because many Brazilians live close to the beach....In fact even being topless is forbidden on most beaches. A lot of Brazilian women wear very tiny bikinis, however.

Here's a quick video Franzoi posted to YouTube in which she speaks (albeit in Portuguese) to viewers:

(H/T: The Christian Post)




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