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Subway Employees Flawlessly Demonstrate How to Get Fired With Super-Disgusting Photos


"My name is @ianjett and I will be your sandwich artist today."

(Huffington Post)

Two Subway employees have been fired after a pair of very disgusting photos emerged on the Internet. One of the photos shows a Subway "sandwich artist" putting his penis on the store's sandwich bread while another photo shows an employee holding a bottle filled with frozen urine.

The two Columbus, Ohio, Subway employees have been identified as Cameron Boggs and Ian Jett by the Huffington Post.

Boggs reportedly admitted to the urine freezing on Instagram and says the photo was taken at the Subway restaurant he works at.

Jett also owned up to putting his penis on foot-long bread. The graphic photo was posted on Instagram with the caption, "My name is @ianjett and I will be your sandwich artist today."

(Huffington Post)

Jett told the Huffington Post that he did put his private parts on the bread, but claimed he didn't do it at work. That would mean he took the bread and the bread tray home from work.

"I would never do that at work -- it was at home," he said. "This isn't something I'd ever do at Subway. It was totally a joke."

The photo, posted on Instagram by username "weedpriest," was later deleted.

"Store employees confirmed that Boggs and Jett currently work at the Subway location at Tuttle Crossing Boulevard in Columbus," HuffPost reports.

A representative from Subway public relations later released the following statement:

This isolated incident is not representative of SUBWAY Sandwich Artists™. These actions are not tolerated and the franchisee took immediate action to terminate the two employees involved.

So, in summation, don't do what these guys did. Ever.



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