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Rabbi Lapin & David Barton Break Down the Benefits of Marriage and How It Can Help Battle a 'Society in Decline


"A sane society would do everything possible to encourage marriage."

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin, head of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, and David Barton, founder of Wallbuilders, discussed the relationship between marriage and society while co-hosting the Glenn Beck Program on TheBlaze TV Wednesday

"We've discussed today's volatile subject with Glenn many times, and it is becoming more and more vital if we are to have any hope at all of rescuing the republic from its sad and slippery slide down the slope of decadence, depravity, destruction, and ultimately death," Lapin said at the introduction of the program.

He said to imagine a newly-developed pill that significantly lowers dropout rates, discourages drug involvement, makes criminal involvement more unlikely, and could make the students in the worst public schools perform at a level that would match the best private schools.

"Good news folks, it's not a drug at all," he said.  "What I'm talking about is quite simple: it is marriage and family. That's all."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Discussing poverty, violence, drug use, ignorance and illiteracy, homelessness, Lapin said "for every one of these tragic indicators of a society in decline, single people suffer far more than married people."

Though "profiling" has a negative connotation in today's society, Lapin asked whether you would feel safer seeing six single men nearby while walking alone at night, or three married men with their wives.

There's a reason you'd probably choose the latter, he said: "Marriage to a woman makes men safe and productive."

"My friends, a sane society would do everything possible to encourage marriage.  Come to think of it, we were once a sane society, we used to do exactly that," Lapin continued.  "But now, everything from popular entertainment to government policy makes it harder and less attractive for singles to marry.  Could this have anything at all to do with how life in America has become indescribably more squalid, more expensive, and more dangerous?"


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The two also discussed the relationship between marriage and politics, asserting that a society more firmly based in marriage is more conservative, whereas a society dominated by singles leans further left.

It has been analyzed at length how immigration reform, for instance, would change the voting makeup of the United States.  But the two asserted that efforts to undermine traditional marriage are also likely create more Democrat voters, since singles statistically vote differently than married couples.

"The surest way to change the face of American politics is by changing marriage," Lapin said.

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