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Yikes! Blaze editor admits to agreeing with Alec Baldwin on several political issues.
Image: AlecBaldwin.com

Yikes! Blaze editor admits to agreeing with Alec Baldwin on several political issues.

Actor Alec Baldwin has been a strong supporter of President Obama and many liberal policies. However, in a recent interview on Howard Stern's radio show,

Alec Baldwin Image: AlecBaldwin.com

Baldwin was espousing so many political ideals that I agree with, that I started looking for the hidden cameras and a washed-up celebrity to pop out from the shadows and tell me that it was all a joke.

It's not a joke. Alec Baldwin and I actually share common ground on some vital political ideas that I think many conservatives and libertarians can also agree on. Right about now, close friends are likely slapping their foreheads and asking me..."LIKE WHAT?"

Let me detail where Baldwin and I are in synch:

Term limits for all politicians. - Baldwin said he would limited Senators to two terms, Congressmen to six terms -- or a total of  12 years in office. He cited Bloomberg's massive spending to overturn NYC's term limits.

Campaign finance reform - "So long as you have these campaign finance laws, you must have term limits." Baldwin talked about the advantages that incumbent candidates have thanks to the current campaign finance laws  "Incumbency is protecting people who don't grow."

Disdain for many...most...possibly even ALL elected officials.  When speaking of Bloomberg, Spitzer, and Weiner, Baldwin became vocally animated and declared, "This is a crowd of people who feel, these jobs belong to them."

Baldwin had little sympathy for Anthony Weiner  (me too) - He stated, "Why can't Weiner  go get a job? There's other ways to serve the public without getting your ass kissed all the time."

Stern pressed Baldwin on his dislike for most of the elected officials in Washington. He told the shock jock:

"You could walk out on the street, today, you and I... and spend one hour in a booth here...interviewing people, at random, and we could find people, on average who are better than half the people in Congress."

So...yes, Alec Baldwin agree on a few key points and we would like to see a big change in Washington DC.

  • We'd agree that campaign finance laws need a massive makeover.
  • We'd both like time limits for all members of the House and Senate...which would translate into lots of new blood serving in DC.

The only thing we likely disagree on - the people who would fill all of the seats opened up by term limits!

You can listen to a segment from the Stern Radio Show here.

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