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He Is a Progressive Radical Above All Else': Glenn Beck Takes a Closer Look at Controversial 'Zealot' Author


"Change our history, change our traditions -- that's what this is really all about."

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Dr. Reza Aslan's newly released book, "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth," has been at the center of considerable controversy in recent days after shooting to the top of Amazon's bestseller list. NPR billed the work as "Christ in context," while a number of Christians are criticizing its portrayal of Jesus as inaccurate and misleading.

Wednesday night on TheBlaze TV, Glenn Beck gave his own perspective on the issue, arguing that Aslan is one in a long line of progressives seeking to re-write history.

"From naming streets after communist labor activist Caesar Chavez to making movies glorifying the murderous revolutionary Che, progressives are trying to cement the legacy of the radical revolutionary and the leftist, and that's what they're trying to make Jesus into," Beck asserted. "He was a radical, he was a revolutionary, he was just like Che, and if you believe anything else, you're into the dustbin of history."

Beck discussed a number of questions regarding both Aslan's background and his book, in addition to putting the work in a wider context.

He noted that Aslan is a Muslim, making it clear that he has every right to write an inflammatory book about Jesus, before tying the issue to Benghazi.

"Yet no one in the media or the administration is condemning [the book]," Beck said with a look of exaggerated curiosity.  "Because I know if I wrote a bad book about the prophet Mohammed, then I'm going to be responsible for the Benghazi attacks, right?  Remember the horrible, evil video questioning Mohammed?  It was denounced by Hillary Clinton; it was denounced by President Obama...I thought that they were against any denigration of any religious figure?"

"Is this guy going to be condemned?" Beck continued.  "No. They're giving him cover."

Beck then explored Aslan's background and financial connections, saying the strings lead back to a number of familiar leftist groups like Code Pink, the Tides Foundation, the Center for American Progress, and the International Crisis Group.

"This is starting to look familiar isn't it?" Beck said, putting logos of the organizations on his chalkboard as he spoke.

"Aslan is not writing a book slamming Jesus because of his Muslim beliefs. He's not writing it because he's an amazing historian who uncovered incredible new facts," Beck asserted. "Make no mistake, he is a progressive radical above all else. He wants to change our understanding of history and our relationship to God to create social change."

Beck continued: "His goal is to cause doubt in believers of Jesus and ultimately have them leave the faith like he did - so progressives will have more devoted followers who do whatever their hearts desire...Change our history, change our traditions -- that's what this is really all about, and the good news for Reza, he's not trying to do this alone."

Watch Beck's complete argument in the clips below:

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