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Believe It or Not, This Facebook Photo Is Causing a Big Uproar With Moms


"Somebody threatened to drag me behind their truck"

(Credit: HuffPo)

A cafe owner was just dealt a heapin' helpin' of social media wrath because of the following photo she posted on Facebook:

(Credit: HuffPo)

Seems Lorraine MacDuff, owner of Rainy Days Caffe in Lake Stevens, Wash., didn't like that two customers failed to clean up after their kids, according to KOMO-TV, and so she posted the photo on her Facebook page that called out the customers.

MacDuff told KOMO that she asked the messy party to leave because one child was screaming and yelling, although they could return without their kids, she added.

One of the customers, Kellea Poore, saw the post and shared it with her friends, sparking a social media backlash, KOMO reports.

"Somebody threatened to drag me behind their truck," MacDuff told KCPQ-TV. "I’ve had people threaten to picket my business."

While the photo seems to have been removed from the cafe's Facebook page, MacDuff has added an open plea:

(Credit: Facebook)

Still, negative reaction seems to continue:

(Credit: Facebook via HuffPo)

Others are siding with MacDuff:

(Credit: Facebook via HuffPo)

Here's the report from KOMO:

And one from the Huffington Post:






(H/T: HuffPo)



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