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Can You Spot the GOP Candidate for State Office in This Video?


"An opponent thought it would damage my campaign."

Image: YouTube

Rule No. 1. The Internet is forever. If you don't believe Rule No. 1 is true, ask anyone who has posted something online and then hoped they could retract it.

Bakey dances in Vita Coco ad That's Eric Brakey, a Republican candidate running for Maine Senate. (Image source: YouTube)

But in the state of Maine, one Republican candidate for state Senate is publicly saying that he doesn't regret his appearance in a 2011 online ad for the coconut water drink Vita Coco.

Eric Brakey is the newly-announced candidate for the Maine Senate who hopes to represent the state's 15th district. He's a former New York City resident who used to work as an actor -- and that's how he came to dance in a Speedo hawking coconut water.

Brakey's work in the Vita Coco ad was actually a rare television appearance for the trained actor -- he holds a college degree in acting -- who did mostly stagework in New York City from 2010 to the end of 2011.

The Vita Coco ad languished online for almost two years, but started showing up after he announced his candidacy.

"An opponent thought it would damage my campaign. I think anyone who watches it to the end will see how much fun it is and will get it," Brakey told TheBlaze.

Not everyone "gets it," apparently. CBS News in D.C. reported a former office manager from the Christian Civic League of Maine wasn't happy with the video and complained to the church Brakey attends.

Brakey told TheBlaze that he was politically active with conservative groups when he lived in New York City. After working as an activist for Ron Paul during his 2012 GOP presidential run, he was offered a job with the Paul campaign and opted to go to Maine where he has family.

While working in Maine, Brakey said he became keenly aware of the state's "fiscal mess" and the "overabundance of career politicians" entrenched in the state capital in Augusta. If he wins the GOP nomination to run to represent district 15, Brakey would face incumbent John Cleveland, who has worked in Maine politics for 30 years.

All of the attention on Brakey and his 2-year-old ad might be premature for an election not happening for more than 14 months. In the meantime, Brakey spends his days working for his family's consulting company and his nights acting: He's currently appearing as "Brother Maynard, Bearer of the Holy Hand Grenade" in a local production of "Spamalot."

(H/T: CBS D.C.)


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