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Gangbusters' Turnout After Beck Suggests 'No Service' Sign for San Diego Mayor


"People are putting it in their cubicles, on their office doors...It's a wonderful declaration of who we are."

(Photo via Facebook/The Mike Slater Show)

Glenn Beck has been suggesting San Diego business owners put a "no service" sign in their storefronts for Mayor Bob Filner over his alleged sexual harassment and abuse of women, going so far as to create a copy of the sign and provide it free to download on Wednesday.

“Put it on your windows," Beck urged.  "Take a stand. Take a stand for being a better person. Take a stand for treating women with respect.”

On Thursday, Beck spoke with San Diego radio host Mike Slater of KFMB, who said a woman named Karen who runs an animal urgent care is believed to have been the first person to put up the sign.

Now, he added, it's going "gangbusters."

"People are putting it in their cubicles, on their office doors, on the backs of their cars and trucks, and on their office fronts. It's a wonderful declaration of who we are," Slater said. "Mayor Filner made a statement on who he is. The problem is, people across the country misinterpreted that as a statement of who we are in San Diego.  This is opportunity to send a the record."

Slater said some have been afraid to put up the sign for fear of controversy, but says he believes that if people stand for the right reasons, he's confident there will be an "outpouring of support."

You can see some of the photos people have sent in at The Mike Slater Show Facebook page, and Slater said he'll continue to update it as he gets more.

Watch the complete interview on TheBlaze TV, below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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