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Peggy Noonan predicts NBC Hillary series to be 'cheesy


Of the planned NBC four-hour miniseries based on the life of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Wall Street Journal'sPeggy Noonan predicts 'cheesy' NBC Hillary Clinton special Peggy Noonan writes:

[T]hey’ll reshoot some scenes and insert things that might make Hillary look bad, but they’ll choose the wrong things, stupid things, and it will make the whole effort look cheesy. Even with Diane Lane. Who’s a ridiculous choice, but so what?

Let’s amuse ourselves by imagining what the movie will look like. ...

Yale Law school, long nights in the library. She meets Bill—charistmatic, friendly, ambitious. This one knows how to dance the mashed potato and the Loco-Motion too. “In Arkansas we grow watermelons the size of Saturnian moons!” Dates, movies, love. His mother, Virgina Kelley—antic, Southern white working class—doesn’t like her a bit. “She isn’t good enough, not your type—she doesn’t even wear mascara.” Bill holds firm: She is the partner I need for my journey.

Read Noonan's whole, imagined screenplay here.


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