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Shock poll: Americans still loathe Congress


Dear Congress:

I worry you underestimate just how much the country despises you.  Please allow Gallup to elaborate...

Congress approval has averaged 15% thus far in 2013, on pace to tie 2012 as the lowest yearly average since Gallup began asking Americans to rate Congress' performance in 1974. Although the full 2012 and 2013 to-date yearly averages are the same, Americans' views of Congress were more variable last year, ranging from lows of 10% in February and August to a high of 21% in October.

Congress is well on its way to averaging below 20% approval for the fourth year in a row, and for the fifth year in the last six. The exception was 2009. That year, newly elected President Barack Obama was working with a large Democratic majority, which resulted in high approval among Democratic identifiers. Prior to 2008, Congress had averaged below 20% approval in only two of the 31 years for which Gallup had data, 1979 and 1992.

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