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There's a Rodeo Clown in Each of Us': Beck Releases Inspiring Montage About the Life of a Cowboy


"These are the times where American needs to play - and grow - cowboys."

(Photo via TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck has been disturbed for several days about the national crackdown on a rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair over the weekend, reminding that Americans have a right to speak their minds and to mock the nation's elected officials.

Beck was particularly disturbed after the head of the Missouri Cowboy Association resigned not because he was forced out -- but as an act of protest that the clown was still a member of their organization.

On Wednesday, Beck released a montage celebrating the traditional life of a cowboy, saying: "I think there's a cowboy, and a rodeo clown, in each of us."

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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"There are real cowboys, guys that do it for a living," Beck says in the clip, as images of cowboys from various time periods appear on the screen.  "They ride all day, they rope, they brand, and they make next to nothing -- then those guys get older. They save up. They earn their own land and cattle..."

"There's a difference between a has-been, and a has-done," he continues.  "One spends, the other accumulates things of value. One rests on his laurels, the other reveres time spent and rests when he's done working."

"And even though my kids would rather be on the iPad, I'm going to buy 'em big guns and a holster. Some boots and a hat. Because these are the times where American needs to play - and grow - cowboys," he concludes.

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