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What Would You Do If You Found $4,000 in Cash in a Wallet with No I.D.? Meet the Man Who Did the Right Thing


"I was just sick"

(Credit: Yahoo News)

Wal-Mart employee Paul Williams' shift had ended. Time to head to the bus stop and make his way home.

Paul Williams (Credit: Yahoo News)

But as he walked through the store's parking lot in Antelope, Calif., he noticed something familiar in a shopping cart—a wallet.

As he soon discovered, though, this left-behind wallet was a bit different.

It contained $4,000 in cash, a $1,000 check, but no I.D.

(Credit: Yahoo News)

Not having time to alert a manager, Williams brought the wallet home. When he showed it to his wife Debra, she was shocked. But she soon declared, "Baby, you know we gotta do the right thing." Williams knew it, too: "I wouldn't want to be responsible for someone who was trying to pay a mortgage," according to Yahoo News.

Which is exactly what Lynn Andries, the owner of the wallet, had been meaning to do—until she realized her terrible mistake after a rushed shopping trip.

Lynn Andries (Credit: Yahoo News)

"I was just sick," Andries recalls, who was going to pay off a second mortgage with the money in her wallet. In her distress, Andries says she first decided there was no point in going back to the store to try to find it, but her sister convinced her that was the only option.

As Andries was desperately combing through the parking lot, Williams called the store and described what he had found...and soon after Andries met with Williams and his wife.

(Credit: Yahoo News)

"I looked at her right in the eyes," Andries recalls, "and I said, 'Is the money still there?' and she said, 'Every single penny.' And I just started crying and hugging them. It was absolutely awesome...it gives me faith."

(Credit: Yahoo News)

The same thing was on Williams' mind; he says his good deed was a chance to demonstrate that "there are still some good people in the world that do the right thing."

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