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Don't Let the Picture Fool You -- This Woman Did Something Absolutely Despicable


"Yeah, very unethical to do something like that."

The woman was caught stealing the donation jar from a Kwik Trip. (Source: surveillance camera via WBAY-TV)

She may look like an unassuming, rather put-together shopper, but police in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, say the woman in the picture below did something absolutely despicable: She stole the charity donation box from a local gas station while the clerk wasn't looking.

The woman was caught stealing the donation jar from a Kwik Trip. (Source: Surveillance camera via WBAY-TV)

"It's a crime of opportunity but, once again, they are taking from the less fortunate and using it for themselves," officer Joe Nichols of the Oshkosh Police Department told WBAY-TV. "The subject comes in to buy lottery tickets and finds cash sitting there and decides 'I'm going to take it.' Yeah, very unethical to do something like that."

According to police and surveillance video, the woman walked into a local Kwik Trip with a large black purse on Sunday night around 11:30 pm. She went to the counter to buy her lottery tickets. That's when -- after the clerk bent down behind the counter -- she took the "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" jar sitting on the counter and smuggled it into her purse:


"From what the pictures on the video actually showed it looked like it may have been a quarter full or maybe even half full ... we couldn't exactly tell how much money was in there," Nichols told the station.

Money collected from the jars -- which are in every Kwik Trip -- go to "families who have experienced a disaster, medical-related hardship, or have a pressing financial need."

The woman paid for her lottery tickets in cash, so it's been difficult to identify her. She also parked away from any pumps, so cameras did not catch a license plate.

"We got her coming right in thru the front door almost looking right up at the camera and hopefully somebody recognizes her quickly and makes that phone call and lets us know where she's at and who she is," Nichols said.

You can see more images of the woman on the WBAY-TV website.

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