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Mia Love Asks: 'How Far Away Are We From Losing the American Dream?


"I know a little bit about this..."

Mia Love (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love appeared as the guest host on the Glenn Beck Program Wednesday, speaking about the American dream and whether it even continues to exist.

"I know a little bit about this..." she began.  "I was born to Haitian immigrants who came to this country in the early 1970's.  [When] my parents arrived they had no earthly possessions - no home, no car, nothing aside from the clothes on their backs and ten dollars in their pockets.  But they did have one thing that money can't buy that America offers in abundance -- real hope for a better tomorrow.  They had hope that their family could find peace here in America that didn't exist in Haiti."

She said that before her parents became citizens, they learned English, and about American history and the U.S. Constitution.

"And when they pledged their allegiance to the American flag, they understood what they were saying, and they meant every word of it," she said.

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

But is such a story still possible?  Love strongly believes so.

"Please, do not give up hope," she urged.  "Our best days lie ahead of us...Although the light in our country has dimmed a little at certain times throughout American history, the United States has always remained that shining city on a hill. A nation conceived in liberty that people all around the world would sacrifice anything and everything to come to -- this is still true today."

She reminded of America's accomplishments during dark times, like defeating slavery or communism.

"But America isn't a great nation just because of its military might -- its a great nation because of its American might and the values it was founded on -- fiscal discipline, limited government, personal responsibility," she said.  "This is the time-tested formula that will put America back on the path to prosperity.  I'm here to tell you that the American dream is not dead. The American dream lives on. You can achieve it by starting with $10 in your pocket. No one else to do it for you."

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