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Video: Egyptian Child Takes to the Streets to Discover What His Compatriots Know About the Holocaust


"Can you repeat the question?"

(Photo via MEMRI-TV)

A charismatic Egyptian "kid journalist" sought to find out what his compatriots know about the Holocaust for the show "Anybody Knows?!" -- only to find that his elders know...almost nothing.

The video originally aired in mid-May -- before former Islamist president Mohammed Morsi was overthrown and the country was plunged even deeper into turmoil -- but has only recently been translated and made available to western audiences by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

"Welcome to our show.  Today we'll be talking about..." the little boy begins, before the camera flashes to him asking passers-by on the street, "What is the Holocaust?"

The majority of the answers the child received were along the lines of...

(Photo via MEMRI-TV)

(Photo via MEMRI-TV)

(Photo via MEMRI-TV)

Only a handful seemed aware of what occurred, though it's possible the aforementioned individuals wanted to spare the child the gruesome details.

(Photo via MEMRI-TV)

And one of the few who seemed aware of what transpired concluded her remarks by saying:

(Photo via MEMRI-TV)

The clip concludes with the boy returning to his studio, where he sets the record straight.

"In the Holocaust, lots of people were rounded up and killed," he declared, spreading his arms to emphasize how vast the number was.

Watch the complete clip courtesy of MEMRI-TV, below:


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