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Eyewitnesses Give Chilling Recounting of Navy Shooting: 'People Climbing Walls to Get Away,' Shooter 'Said Nothing' and Started Firing


"...it was just crazy."

Early reports say ten people were shot and at least four killed in Washington, D.C., when a gunman opened fire Monday morning at the Washington Naval Yard.

A female victim in the Washington Navy Yard shooting (credit:@LahdeePops/Twitter)

At least one suspect has been shot and killed. Law enforcement officials are currently searching for additional suspects.

And as the situation, which is extremely fluid, continues to unfold, some eyewitnesses have stepped forward to describe the chaotic scene.

“We were just working at our desks and the fire alarm went off, which occasionally there’s a practice or there’s a fire in the building,” Terrie Durham told Fox News, “and immediately there was an announcement that there was a fire emergency in the building but our fire wardens came running very quickly, yelling for everyone to get out the building now.

A victim is airlifted from the scene of the shooting (AP)

“I could see his face,” she added. “He looked around and fired. We were lucky he was a bad shot.”

A second eyewitness offered his account.

“Just get out of there as quick as you can,” said Todd Brundidge in response to being asked what his first thoughts were when he saw a gunman. “Everyone was going down the stairs, people were pushing, people were shoving, people were falling down.”

"No words. He raised the gun and started firing. He said nothing.

“As we came outside,” he continued, “people were climbing the walls trying to get out over the wall, get out of the spaces – it was just crazy.”

Durham claims the gunman used what “appeared to be a rifle.”

“That’s the best we could tell from that distance,” she said.

Both described the alleged shooter as a “tall black guy.”

Roughly 3,000 people were on scene when the shooting started at approximately 8:20 Monday morning:


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