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Oh, Dear God': The Chilling Moment Two Mercury Studios Employees Realized They Knew the Navy Yard Shooter


"He would sit up at the counter and take orders, and just be as nice as could be."

Glenn Beck said on his radio program Tuesday that as details were starting to emerge in the aftermath of yesterday's horrific shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, some of his employees realized they recognized the man the FBI identified as the shooter.

"[His] face went on [the screens], and a couple of my crew members here on the floor went, 'Oh, dear God,'" Beck said.  "We get off the air and two of them came up to me and said, 'We know him. We know him.'"

As TheBlaze reported yesterday, some Mercury employees frequented the Thai restaurant in Fort Worth at which the suspect, Aaron Alexis, worked.

Chris Childs, the director of "The Pat & Stu Show" on TheBlaze Radio, appeared on the Glenn Beck Program Tuesday morning to speak more fully about what he knew about Alexis.

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"The first time we met obviously was at the restaurant," Childs said. "I had gone in there with a couple of friends from my previous job...We were big lovers of Thai food, and we found this place, and he was a waiter."

Childs said he regularly spoke with Alexis, since the restaurant wasn't the type of place you went for a "quick lunch...It was a solid hour and a half."

"How did he seem to you? Did he seem like a guy who would ever do something like this?" Beck's co-host Pat Gray asked.

"Absolutely not," Childs responded. "He's that stereotypical quiet..."

"Nice, was he nice?" Gray pressed.

"Oh, he was really friendly," Childs said. "He would sit up at the counter and take orders, and just be as nice as could be.  And -- I do know that he taught himself the language of Thai, self-taught, which was real easy since the owners were also from Thailand..."

"Did you talk to him about what he did in his life?" co-host Stu Burguiere inquired.

'Pat & Stu' director Chris Childs speaks about Aaron Alexis. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Childs described Alexis as "really" into video games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft.

"When a new game would come out -- there were a couple of guys I worked with that were kinda, sorta into shooter games, but by the time a new one would come out, he would know a lot about the game," Childs said.

Some reports have indicated Alexis played video games up to sixteen hours a day and while Childs said he obviously couldn't confirm that, it certainly wouldn't surprise him.

"Did he seem like an angry guy? Beck asked. "Because they are reporting today that he had problems with white people and anger management."

Without hesitation, Childs replied: "No...He didn't show that towards us, and I mean, we were a table full of white guys."

That being said, he wasn't personal friends with Alexis, but he did go to the restaurant "once or twice a week."

"Did you ever have any sense at all that he was trouble?" Beck asked. "Anybody walk away from that conversation and say, that guy's got some issues, there's something about that guy..."

"No," Childs responded once more. "That's the thing that floors me -- he was not that type of person.  He never seemed angry.  He never seemed like he was bitter about anything."

Childs said his friend has spoken with the owner of the restaurant, who took in Alexis and tried to help him, and they are equally "floored."

Watch the complete interview, below:

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