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The Moment a Soccer Crowd Turns a National Anthem SNAFU Into a 'Chilling' Example of Patriotism



We've all seen videos of what happens when someone steps to the mic at a sporting event, takes a deep breath, waits for the first notes of the National Anthem, starts belting it out, and there are more sour notes than a box of Lemonheads. But sometimes videos of the National Anthem gain attention for another reason -- a good reason -- and below is one such instance.

During Friday's Sporting KC Major League Soccer game, technical difficulties plagued what was supposed to be a performance by Dr. Cameron Smith. His moment to shine was thwarted by a faulty public address system and two misbehaving microphones. So that's when the fans in Kansas City decided to step up and deliver a rousing rendition of the song themselves.

The result? As one person who caught it on video put it, "chilling."

Here's a higher quality version that starts at the "bombs bursting in air":

And here's a slightly longer version that's a little lower quality:


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