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Reporter takes opportunity to ask Obama if...

President Barack Obama shakes hands with a uniformed member of the Secret Service outside the White House in Washington, Friday, Oct. 4, 2013, as he returned to the White House after leaving to get lunch nearby. The president and Vice President Joe Biden stepped out of the White House on a surprise and rare off-campus stroll to grab lunch at a neighborhood eatery. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

From a Friday White House pool report, sent out by Financial Times' Stephanie Kirchgaessner, as President Obama made his way back from lunch:

POTUS made the walk back to the White House after shaking hands on two impromptu rope lines. He got lots of cheers but Secret Service kept pooler too far away to hear much conversation He walked with Jay Carney on the way back and pooler shouted out question of whether POTUS still had a chef. There was a lot of noise and movement and pooler couldn't hear response (sorry).

A report by the ObamaFoodOrama food blog says at least one of Obama's chef's, Sam Kass, who is also a food policy adviser, is on furlough during the government shutdown (going on four days).


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