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Pro-Obama Group Knows Who's at Fault for WWII Memorial Closing: Tea Party Republicans


"The government shutdown is hurting veterans, seniors and our kids."

Organizing for Action, the liberal advocacy group born of President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, knows who’s responsible for attempts to block World War II veterans from visiting their memorial in the nation's capital last week: Tea Party Republicans.

Screen grab via Organizing for Action

A new video from Organizing for Action blames "reckless, destructive and irresponsible" Tea Party Republicans for shutting down part of the government. National parks and historic sites across the country were closed after the shutdown went into effect last Tuesday, with attractions cordoned off and barricaded.

"The government shutdown is hurting veterans, seniors and our kids," the narrator intones over footage of veterans at the memorial.

The video's description reads: "The Tea Party Republicans have been reckless, destructive, and irresponsible -- they shut down the government, and now they're threatening to refuse to pay our nation's bills, which could wreak havoc on our global economy. Enough already -- OFA is fighting back."

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