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Glenn Beck Breaks Down Dismal Republican Poll Ratings: 'This Is Why the GOP Is Losing


"Yes, the Republicans are despised, almost universally so..."

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Glenn Beck on Thursday broke down what he believes the latest poll numbers out of Washington "really" mean, following widespread speculation over President Obama and Congress' plummeting approval ratings.

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Many have seized on the president's 37% approval rating or Republicans' abysmal 28% approval rating as evidence of discontent of the handling of the government shutdown.  While that may be partially the case, Beck said, it's far from the whole story -- particularly with regard to the Republicans.

"Yes, it is a disaster for the GOP.  Yes, the Republicans are despised, almost universally so," Beck said.  "[But] here's why their numbers are going down -- because the people don't believe in them at all.  At all."

"The people who are actually supporters of the GOP actually believe in something more than an 'Obama phone,' they believe in something bigger," Beck said.  "They believe in truth, justice, and the American way. They believe in the Constitution. And when you have a group of people that will not hold up the Constitution that say they will, of course their approval ratings are going to go down."

He proceeded to play audio of Texas Senator John Cornyn (R) criticizing FreedomWorks as advocating "Republican on Republican violence, so to speak."

Aside from the fact that people don't appreciate hearing the same insults hurled at them from Republicans as from the progressive left, Beck said, Cornyn makes it all about "the party."

"This is why the GOP is losing," Beck asserted. "Because...I don't care about the damn party. I care about the principles. And I don't care what walk of life. I don't care what color. I don't care what party. If they have these principles and they hold those things as self-evident, then I'm going to support them. And that's what I want my money to do."

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