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This Alleged Conversation Between a Would-Be Obamacare Enrollee and Customer Service Rep Is Almost Too Much to Believe


"Don’t run with scissors."

The House Republicans YouTube account released a video Wednesday featuring excerpts from an alleged conversation between a would-be Obamacare enrollee and a customer service representative that's almost too bizarre to believe actually took place.

“Clicking ‘Save and Continue’ does not allow me to move forward,” the customer wrote the sales rep on the site’s online chat help forum.

“Don’t lose your sanity over this website.  Try it. If it doesn’t work, walk away. Try it tomorrow,” the representative wrote back.

“What you sent seems like a canned response.”

“It was.”

“I had the login problems for the first 11 days.”

“Imagine you are stuck in this site’s rush hour traffic. You still exist. You just aren’t going anywhere.”

“You have no way to assist those that ask for help?”

“Don’t run with scissors.”

The conversation doesn’t get any better from there and the would-be enrollee doesn’t get any closer to successfully signing up for Obamacare:

What do you think -- real or fake?


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