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Happy Halloween from 2013's edition of 'Scary Snowman!


Thursday is Halloween (as if you didn't know), and that means it's time for one of the Internet's best known video pranks, "The Scary Snowman!"

If you're not familiar with it, the trick involves a person in a giant snowman suit, a busy sidewalk, unsuspecting passers-by, and of course a hidden camera. The snowman appears to be a big display of some kind, but when he moves, people are very surprised and react is some very strange ways. This year, the crew took the snowman to the streets of Newport, Rhode Island. Hilarity ensued.

WARNING: This video contains rough language that you might expect to hear when someone is scared by a 7-foot-tall snowman that suddenly comes to life!

As a bonus, the Scary Snowman crew put together a reel of some of the greatest hits from previous years. (The coarse language warning still applies.)

To see more of the Scary Snowman videos from previous years, visit the snowman's YouTube page.

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