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Awesome Images of a Rare Celestial Event That Won't Be Seen on Earth Again Until 2172


"Alien" and "eerie."

This multiple exposure image shows the transition from right to left of a hybrid solar eclipse seen over Lake Oloidien near Naivasha in Kenya Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013. A rare solar eclipse swept across parts of the US, Africa and Europe on Sunday with some areas witnessing a total blackout and others experiencing a partial version. (Credit: AP)

While you might have been enjoying an extra hour of sleep gained by daylight-saving time Sunday, a rare celestial event was taking place.

In North America, a hybrid eclipse -- an annular eclipse turned into a total eclipse -- came at sunrise with those in the U.S. only seeing partial coverage of the sun by the moon. According to though, the eclipse's 8,345-mile path gave an ideal view for those on the eastern Atlantic Ocean and over some of Africa. Earthlings won't see this specific type of hybrid eclipse along this path until 2172.

Here is a look at some photos of the stunning event from around the world:

The annular phase of the hybrid eclipse occurs when the soon and moon align in a way that leaves only a "ring of fire" visible of the sun -- a silhouette of the moon. As the event progresses, a total eclipse then occurs.

Paul Cox, Slooh astronomer and Total Solar Eclipse Broadcast Host, in a live webcast, called the celestial event "alien," describing it "one of the most eerie" astronomical events he had seen.

Here is a look some footage of the eclipse over the U.S., Europe and Africa:

Check out this time-lapsed footage from a view of the partial solar eclipse at sunrise by Steve Ellington:

This is a view from Key West, Fla., shot by William Dail:

Cox ahead of the event said it would be one of "the most difficult [eclipses] we’ve covered at Slooh over the years."

The team at the observatory traveled three days across Kenya to the ideal destination to film the solar event.

"The challenging conditions and lack of amenities, at what is considered the ‘cradle of mankind’, make this a unique location for a global live broadcast – but it’s the type of challenge we relish at Slooh!" Cox said in a statement.



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