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The Facebook Photo That Reportedly Got an Army Veteran Banned From Her Daughter's School


"I feel like a criminal."

Credit: WRDW-TV

A Georgia mother and Army veteran is demanding an apology from her daughter's school after she was reportedly banned from visiting the building because she posted a photo of her conceal weapons permit on Facebook, WRDW-TV reports.

Credit: WRDW-TV

Tanya Mount told the news station that she feels like a "criminal," even though she's done nothing wrong.

"I want to be heard," she said. "I want a public apology."

Mount claims she was given a note from Richmond County Board of Education police warning her of criminal trespassing. The notice reportedly banned the mother from visiting McBean Elementary School, where her disabled daughter goes to school.

When she asked what she had done wrong, she allegedly got the following response: "The principal is scared of you and she doesn't want you on the grounds."

"I ask, 'for what?' And he asks, 'were you in the Army?' And I said, 'yes,'" the mother explained. "He's like, 'do you have a concealed weapons permit?' I said, 'yes.'"

Mount claims the entire ordeal was caused by her decision to post a picture of her new concealed weapons permit on her Facebook page. She says she has had no problems with the school principal, though their entire history is not known.

Credit: WRDW-TV

When WJBF-TV called McBean Elementary Principal Janina Dallas to confirm that the "no trespass" order was issued over the Facebook post, the principal reportedly said, "Yes, it was."

"It is my duty and responsibility as the principal of this school to ensure the safety and security of all of our faculty, staff and students," Dallas told WJBF-TV.

"I feel that this is some high school crap. He said she said. She should have contacted me instead of taking the legal route, which was uncalled for," Mount said, referring to Dallas.

Mount has reportedly gotten permission to transfer her daughter to another school.

"I am a private person. However, after serving OUR country, it is my DUTY to make sure that our lives are not infringed upon. However, do it all within the confinements of the LAW, I am a law-abiding citizen," Mount later posted on Facebook.

(H/T: Fox News)


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