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Like a 'Little Mosquito': 54-Year-Old 'Jetman' Flies 125 MPH Around Mt. Fuji


"...it’s spiritual, it is immense."

The 54-year-old known commonly known "Jetman," who has flown over the Swiss Alps, Rio deJanero and Grand Canyon in a specialized wingsuit, added Mt. Fuji to the list.

Soaring in front of Japan's highest mountain at an average speed of 125 miles per hour, Yves Rossy, a former Swiss air force pilot, said he felt like a "little mosquito," according to News Corp Australia.

It was his first flight in Asia.

jetman mt fujiYves Rossy (a.k.a. Jetman) made his first flight in Asia last week. (Image source: KatsuhikoTokunaga/Facebook)

Sponsored by the watch and instrument maker Breitling, Rossy circled Mt. Fuji not just once but nine times over a seven-day trip. In a dive, he topped out at 185 miles per hour.

Rossy's suit consists of a jet powered carbon-Kevlar fixed wing, weighing about 132 pounds.

jetman mt fujiRossy's jetsuit weighs about 132 pounds and has been carrying him over iconic sights around the world. (Image source: KatsuhikoTokunaga/Facebook)

“Flying here for me is a dream. It is such a contrast flying free with just a wing on my back, compared to being enclosed in a cockpit as an airline pilot," he said in a statement. "It is hard to describe the emotions and feeling of having an opportunity like this, it’s spiritual, it is immense. I am the lucky guy who gets to do this, but I hope I can motivate the next generation of forward thinkers to do something different, to strive and achieve their goals… even if it seems impossible."

Watch the jetman's historic flight:

Rossy's flight corresponds with the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relationships between Switzerland and Japan.




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