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This Is the 2013 'Word of the Year


"The decision was unanimous this year..."

A group of girls take a "selfie." (Image source: Shutterstock)

Oxford Dictionaries announced on Tuesday that 2013's "Word of the Year" is "selfie."

"The decision was unanimous this year, with little if any argument," Oxford Dictionaries said in a blog post. "This is a little unusual."

Oxford Dictionary now defines the word as a "noun" which is "a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website."

A group of girls take a "selfie." (Image source: Shutterstock)

"[E]veryone seemed to be in agreement almost from the start. Other words were considered, as you will see from our shortlist, but selfie was the runaway winner," the post said.

Oxford Dictionary also considered "twerk" and "binge-watch," but the words were ultimately edged out by "selfie."

Last year's word of the year was "GIF."


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