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70-Mile, Nearly 200-MPH Motorcycle Chase Ends With a Cop Delivering a Perfect Form Tackle and the Driver Making an Obnoxious Statement


"I thought there was some kind of law about public safety?"

(Source: KXAS-TV screen shot)

In the list of things not to say as you're being arrested for leading cops on a 70-mile, high-speed motorcycle chase is probably a) anything bragging about it, or b) chastising officers for chasing you because of safety. Dallas, Texas, resident William Pfohl, 27, said both.

Pfohl led Dallas-area police on the high-speed chase that reached nearly 200 mph in the early hours of Tuesday morning. News cameras even captured part of it as he hit speeds of around 189 mph. In fact, news cameras were running when officers eventually arrested the man after he simply ran out of gas and a cop tackled him to the ground.

(Source: KXAS-TV screen shot)

(Source: KXAS-TV screen shot)

But instead of being contrite, Pfohl bragged about his speed and pulled a shame-on-you act with the officers.

"On-hundred-eighty-nine when we were in the straights," Pfohl said smugly about his speed while KXAS-TV cameras were rolling. "This dude [motions toward a state trooper] was keeping up with me, like, on the toll road, [Interstate] 635, like 160, 70. You kept up with me easily, 160, 70."

He then quickly turned on the officer.

"I thought there was some kind of law about public safety?" he said.

"Well there wasn't anybody out," the trooper shot back.

"There was everyone out!" Pfohl responded.

You can watch the exchange below:

To Pfohl's point, the state troopers gave KXAS a statement saying, "The troopers have to make a difficult judgment call in situations like this. In this case, the motorcyclist was not only endangering his own life, but that of the motoring public and law enforcement, as well."

And if you're looking for the footage of the moment an officer took Pfohl down on the side of the road, you can watch this news report:

The 27-year-old has been charged with felony evading arrest. Alcohol has not been indicated as a factor.

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