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The 'maturation' of Sarah Palin?


Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly featured a segment on her show Thursday, discussing the since-apologized-for comments MSNBC's Martin Bashir made about former Gov. Sarah Palin.

The conversation with Mediaite's Joe Concha centered on whether MSNBC would take any disciplinary action against Bashir. Buried in the discussion, though, was a noteworthy point, which Concha called the "maturation" of Palin.

Though Palin's Super PAC has weighed in on the controversy, Palin herself has yet to make any public comments about it, which isn't the way Palin has reacted in the past when she's been publicly disparaged.

In June HBO "Real Time's" Bill Maher made a joke about Palin's special-needs son, calling him "retarded." Palin lashed out on Twitter, calling him a bully.

Just in October, Palin posted on her Facebook a photo of a dead animal and a sassy message as a way to decline an invite to appear on CNN Piers Morgan's show.

But so far on Bashir... crickets.

What's different this time?

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