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Ugg Boot-Wearing Mom Chases Down Hit-and-Run Suspect to Give Him a 'Little Lesson About Manners


"That’s when mama bear got loose."

The Ugg boot-wearing mom snapped this photo after the man she chased down in an alleged hit-and-run accident was arrested. (Image source: KFOR-TV)

An Oklahoma mother's maternal instincts took over Sunday when on a snowy road heading home from church, another car hit her family-filled vehicle and proceeded to drive away.

With her husband at the wheel and three children in the back, the mother, who was not named by KFOR-TV, said she immediately began to run after him.

“I look back at my husband and I’m already halfway down the street. He’s in the truck with the kids, so I just yelled at him to stay with the kids. And he’s yelling back at me, ‘Stop!’ But I realize I’m too far into this adventure to get the license plate. So, I haul off running in my Ugg boots after the guy," the Oklahoma City woman told the news station. She requested not to be named, fearing retaliation from the suspect.

mother chases hit and run The Ugg boot-wearing mom snapped this photo after the man she chased down in an alleged hit-and-run incident was arrested. (Image source: KFOR-TV)

The woman said she wasn't looking to cause trouble but "was looking to give someone a little lesson about manners.”

She said she ran nearly a mile into a neighborhood the other vehicle had turned into, hoping to snap a photo of the alleged hit-and-run offender's license plate.

mother chases hit and run The mother took this photo of the offending vehicle after the incident Sunday. (Image source: KFOR-TV)

Someone who saw the woman chasing down the driver stepped in to help her catch him. When they reached the vehicle, a man later identified as Deontre Williams, found to be uninsured and unlicensed, had a different story about what had happened.

“When he got out of his car, he started to act like maybe this wasn’t his fault. That’s when mama bear got loose," the mother said. "He said, ‘What were you guys doing? Turning left?’ I said. ‘No, son. No son. We were driving straight, OK? We were driving straight.”

mother chases hit and run The mother with her young children in the car at the time of the collision had her instincts take over. (Image source: KFOR-TV)

KFOR reported that Williams was celebrating his birthday Sunday, something the mother suggested he was using as an excuse for taking off. But she was having none of it.

"I said, ‘I don’t care if it’s your birthday or not. I have three children under the age of 6 in the car and you drove off!’" she said.

Oklahoma City police arrested the 19-year-old, and he spent the rest of his birthday in jail, according to KFOR. In addition to potentially facing criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident, Williams could lose his car because he had recently purchased it and had not transferred the title into his name.

mother chases hit and run Deontre Williams, 19, was arrested and could face criminal charges. (Image source: KFOR-TV)

“As they start to put cuffs on him, it was like it’s an episode of 'Cops.' I mean, seriously. You could almost hear ‘Bad boys, bad boys,'" the mother said.



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