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Supposed 'Google' Employee Filmed Harassing Anti-Google Protesters Was a Plant


"I can pay my rent! Can you pay your rent?"

A supposed Google employee who was filmed Monday antagonizing a group of anti-Google protesters was apparently planted there by a union organizer.

Demonstrators in San Francisco are protesting Google’s economic impact on the area, claiming the company’s ultra-wealthy employees are driving up prices for low-income residents. Some protesters decided to express their frustration by blocking one of Google's employee shuttles.

And while those protesters blocked the Google bus, a man originally identified as a Google employee was filmed yelling at them to leave the area if they’re broke.

"I can pay my rent! Can you pay your rent?… Well, then, you know what? Why don't you go to a city where you can afford it? 'Cause this is a city for the right people who can afford it!" he yells, according to a transcript provided by Breitbart News. "If you can't afford it, it's time for you to leave…. I'm sorry…. If you can't pay your rent, I'm sorry -- get a better job!"

Here's video of the supposed "confrontation" (via the San Francisco Bay Guardian):

"But it turns out the whole thing was staged,” Business Insider’s Steve Kovach reported, citing Joe Fitz Rodriguez, the reporter who uploaded the video.

The supposed "Googler" is an activist named Max Bell Alper and he was reportedly put there by a union organizer, Rodriguez said in a tweeted.

In fact, as BI points out, the so-called "Googler" even states in his biography on Making Change Media that he's a local activist.

Image source: Making Change Media.

So, no, a Google employee didn't go out of his way to harangue protesters. An activist was placed there to make a scene.


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