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Blogger does 'Generous Monday,' complains on Facebook about not being thanked for her generosity

via AroundMainline.com

Sarah Lockard is a woman who runs a lifestyle blog about Philadelphia. She is also a woman who tried out "Generous Monday" instead of "Cyber Monday" for the Christmas season and wasn't happy with her experience.

via AroundMainline.com

According to a screen grab obtained by Jim Romenesko, Lockard wrote on her Facebook "about a week ago":

Instead of Cyber Monday I opted for Generous Monday and I waited all day for phone calls, texts or emails thanking me for the FREE work I did for people who have helped me out. AND... nothing. Crickets chirping. Sometimes I wonder why I help other people out. Now every text, email and biz correspondence around [my website] is billable. So if you contact me on any level for 10 min or less you will be charged $75. Think before you contact me. And we need all credit cards on file.

The post was deleted the next day, according to Romenesko.

Lockard gained mild notoriety recently for sending out a letter to restaurants soliciting free dinner on Christmas for her family in exchange for publicity through her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

See the Facebook post...

via JimRomenesko.com

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